Art Media Technology and Utopia

Being creators, we have the ultimate opportunity. By using figuration and mapping, these images correlate with different aspects of my creative goals. Right now, I focus on my encounters in the city and on my memories from the wilderness. The environment we inhabit shapes our character. Moving from one place to another, we use our ultimate ability as human beings to adapt. Every movement in a place has the power to activate a city, stepping through pathways from one monument to another, drawing a directional from focal points in a landscape we find our way to a destination Рif you have one- for many times I do not.  Here in a city we trace the steps of strangers and overlay new memories. Our lives build a dense storyline within the place- the stage we constructed for ourselves. These experiences define a place just as well as its physical characteristics. Architects, designers, urban planners, and artists shape forms in a precise way. Sensation is the root function of reason. The objects around our everyday lives have immense power. I am now investigating the interaction between us and the built environment, as well as the impact nature has on what we build. Nature is always reasserting itself. It rejects architectural intervention and adapts, being forced to live coherently with it. Although cities are within nature, they are within human nature, which is now something extremely complex. Our mark on the earth is a very bold one that is malleable by drastic means of change.